This Week on the Peak

White Pinot Noir: The Surprising and Delicious Wine You Need to Try

When you think of Pinot Noir, you probably picture a rich, red wine with a delicate flavor and a smooth finish. But have you ever heard of white Pinot Noir? This rare and surprising wine is a must-try for any wine lover. What is White Pinot Noir? White Pinot Noir, also known as Blanc de…
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Mission Peak Wine at the iconic Peeker pole 2019

Mission Peak’s Pole: Legendary and Iconic

Nestled in the heart of Fremont, California, Mission Peak stands as a natural treasure offering breathtaking views of the San Francisco Bay Area. Towering at 2,517 feet above sea level, this iconic peak boasts breathtaking panoramic views of the San Francisco Bay Area, making it a must-visit spot for both locals and tourists alike. At…
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39th Fremont Festival of the arts

Unveiling the Ultimate Experience: Fremont Festival of Arts Introduces Mission Peak Wine

Welcome to the vibrant city of Fremont, where art, culture, and culinary delights merge to create an unforgettable experience. As the much-anticipated Fremont Festival of Arts returns in 2023, visitors and locals alike can look forward to an exceptional addition – the inaugural serving of Mission Peak Wine. This delightful blend of artistic masterpieces and…
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Award winning wine

2023 San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition Results

Overview of the SFCWC Who doesn’t love award winning wine? The San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition is one of the largest and most prestigious wine competitions in the United States and for North American wines. Started in 1983, the competition has grown over the years and now attracts thousands of entries from wineries across North…
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Fremont’s Burger and Brew Festival 2023

Nestled in the heart of Fremont, California, the Burger and Brew Festival has become an eagerly anticipated annual event for food enthusiasts and beer lovers alike. This gastronomic extravaganza showcases an array of mouthwatering burgers and a diverse selection of craft brews, offering attendees a delightful blend of flavors and a festive atmosphere. Whether you’re…
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2023 Best of Fremont – Readers Choice Awards – Best Winery Winner

In the heart of Fremont, California, lies a hidden gem that has recently captured the attention of wine enthusiasts and critics alike. Mission Peak Wine, nestled amidst the picturesque landscapes of the Bay Area, has clinched the prestigious title of “Best Winery” in the 2023 Best of Fremont awards. In a year filled with challenges…
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