Best Picturesque Spots in Fremont, CA for a Wine Picnic

Embark on a sensory journey through the scenic charm of Fremont, CA, as we unveil the city’s hidden gems for an idyllic wine picnic. Nestled within the heart of the Bay Area, Fremont boasts an array of picturesque spots where lush landscapes and tranquil settings converge, creating the perfect backdrop for a leisurely outdoor feast. Join us as we offer a curated selection of enchanting locations that promise not only exquisite sips but also an unforgettable dining experience amid nature’s embrace from the adventurer to the bougie, there’s something for everyone.

Lake Elizabeth

Located within Central Park, Lake Elizabeth provides a picturesque setting for a picnic. You may find a quiet spot by the lake to enjoy your wine and cheese. If the weather is right, you can rent a paddle boat to enjoy!

Mission Peak Regional Preserve

If you’re up for an adventure date, Mission Peak offers hiking trails with stunning views. You can find a scenic spot along the trail for a picnic or carry your wine to the top of “Mission Peak” to drink as you overlook all of the Bay. The elevation is about 2,500′ at the peak so be sure to wear the right shoes and bring a good backpack to carry your wine & picnic items in!

Mission Peak Summit overlooking the San Francisco Bay area with sweeping hills. Peek pole in frame. Man holding a glass of wine in frame. September 2019

Niles Community Park

Another park in the area, Niles Community Park might offer a serene environment for a picnic date.

Mission Peak Wine

The best place to enjoy a wine picnic is at Fremont’s only winery, Mission Peak Wine! Sit at Mission Peak Vineyard’s iconic One Tree Hill location. It’s complete with exactly one tree atop a hill, great viewing bench facing west, and solar powered twinkle lights that turn on at night. The views will take your breath away. With wine in hand, get ready to sip and relax as you watch the clouds go by with Mission Peak to the south and the city skyline of San Francisco to the west. You can join the wine club to get access to a property tour, tastings, request a picnic, and estate events. Contact us to inquire about private events or more.

What to pack for your wine picnic:

  • Wine
  • Bottle opener
  • Cheese – our favorites are goat, brie, gruyere, on gouda
  • Crackers
  • Grapes or easy to eat finger fruit
  • Sliced meats like prosciutto or salami
  • 2 glasses (or plastic cups if you’re hiking with wine)
  • Small plate and small knife
  • Tote to carry it in
  • Blanket to sit on
  • Napkins

Sip, Savor, and Enjoy!