This Week on the Peak

Yoga at the Winery: Finding Inner Peace with a Scenic View in Fremont, California

Imagine rolling out your yoga mat in an open air pavilion, surrounded by the soft hum of nature, and overlooking a tranquil lake that mirrors the sky. The scent of blooming vines fills the air as you settle into your practice, feeling the gentle warmth of the sun on your skin. This is not just…
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2024 Best of Fremont – Best Local Winery Award

In the heart of Fremont, California, lies a hidden gem that has been quietly crafting exceptional wines for years. Mission Peak Wine, nestled amidst the picturesque landscapes of the Bay Area, recently clinched the prestigious 2024 Best of Fremont award for the Best Local Winery. Let’s uncork the story behind their well-deserved victory and explore…
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Soar to New Heights with Mission Peak Wine: A Helicopter Winery Experience in Fremont, CA

Are you ready to elevate your wine-tasting experience to new heights? Nestled in the scenic beauty of Fremont, California, Mission Peak Wine offers not just exquisite wines but also an unforgettable adventure with it’s onsite helicopter pad. With its unique helicopter winery experience and stunning property setting, it’s a must-visit spot for those seeking luxury…
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Elevate Your Celebration: Mission Peak Wine Offers Helicopter Gender Reveal Winery Baby Showers in Fremont

In the heart of Fremont, California, lies a hidden gem for wine enthusiasts and event connoisseurs alike – Mission Peak Wine. Mission Peak region is a boutique winery that has consistently delighted visitors with its exquisite selection of wines and breathtaking views. However, Mission Peak Wine isn’t just about savoring fine wines; it’s also about…
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Fremont’s Premier Wedding Winery Venue: Toast to Forever and Say ‘I Do’ at Mission Peak Wine

Are you searching for the perfect blend of rustic charm and refined elegance for your special day? Look no further than Mission Peak Wine, nestled in the heart of Fremont, CA. As the city’s exclusive winery wedding venue, Mission Peak Wine offers an idyllic setting for couples dreaming of a picturesque wedding celebration. With sweeping…
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Mission Peak Wine’s 2021 Pinot Noir Reserve Claims Best of Class at San Francisco Wine Competition

In the ever-evolving world of wine, certain bottles stand out not just for their taste but for the accolades they garner. Among these, Mission Peak Wine’s 2021 Pinot Noir Reserve has recently made waves by clinching the coveted Best of Class title at the prestigious San Francisco Wine Competition. The San Francisco Wine Competition, renowned…
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