This Week on the Peak

Mission Peak Wine’s 2020 Rosé of Pinot Noir Wins Silver at the 2022 San Francisco International Wine Competition

In the heart of wine country, where passion meets craftsmanship, Mission Peak Wine has once again emerged triumphant. The 2020 Rosé of Pinot Noir has clinched a prestigious silver medal at the renowned 2022 San Francisco International Wine Competition. This accolade not only highlights the dedication of Mission Peak Wine to quality but also positions…
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How to Make Wine

Crafting wine may initially appear intricate and daunting, but armed with appropriate tools and methodologies, crafting a delectable bottle can be easily achieved within the confines of your home. Below is a comprehensive, step-by-step guide to embarking on your wine-making journey: Step 1: Grape Selection Commencing the wine-making process entails choosing the variety of grapes.…
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Wine from a grocery store vs. Winery

There are several reasons why someone may choose to buy wine directly from a winery instead of a grocery store: While buying wine from a grocery store can be convenient, there are many benefits to buying directly from a winery. Whether you’re looking for a special bottle of wine or simply want to support a…
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The Love of One Tree Hill

Let me introduce you to One Tree Hill. It’s a beautiful spot at Mission Peak Wine easily accessible near the back of the Fremont wine property. With sweeping views of San Francisco, East Bay, and parts of South Bay it allows you to view it all. On a clear day you can see Mt. Tam…
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Rosé All Day

Are you one of the many that enjoys Rosé but are unfamiliar with the grape that produces this refreshing pink wine? That’s because there is no specific grape varietal that makes Rosé. When a wine grower plants Cabernet Sauvignon, they make Cabernet Sauvignon. Rosé can be made from several different types of grapes such as…
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Top Wine Gifts for the Wino That Has Everything

With the holidays upon us, everyone is searching for the perfect gift. If you have a wine lover in your life, here are our top picks to bring Christmas Cheer to them this year!  1-      Wine pourer/stopper: Haley’s Corker 5-in-1 Wine Aerator, Stopper, Pourer, Filter and Re-Corker, 2 Pack, Standard   2-      Ridel glasses: Riedel Ouverture Wine Glass, Set of 12,…
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