Rosé All Day

Are you one of the many that enjoys Rosé but are unfamiliar with the grape that produces this refreshing pink wine? That’s because there is no specific grape varietal that makes Rosé. When a wine grower plants Cabernet Sauvignon, they make Cabernet Sauvignon. Rosé can be made from several different types of grapes such as Pinot Noir, Grenache, Merlot and even Cabernet Sauvignon to name a few. The varietal we use at Mission Peak Wine to make our Rosé is our lovely Pinot Noir. 

Rosé is such a versatile wine; it can be made using different types of wine making methods. The method our winemaker uses to make Mission Peak Wine Rosé is called Saignée. Saignée is the bleeding off of liquid from a tank of juice in the early stages of the winemaking process. Some winemakers use other methods to make Rosé such as blending a red and a white wine together. 

Rosé is almost always stored in stainless steel during the wine making process. Compared to traditional oak barrels for most reds and some whites, stainless steel is a lot cheaper to use. 

This means a quicker turnaround time which equals a less expensive bottle of wine. It’s a win-win for the winemaker AND for the Rosé lover. 

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