Fremont’s Only Winery – Mission Peak Wine

If you are one of the many Bay Area folks who forced yourself to hike the brutal sunny trail up Mission Peak in Fremont, California, but had no idea about the vineyard on the north side of the mountain… join the club! Not many people know about this hidden gem in the East Bay. 

Mission Peak Wine is a vineyard located at 1,600 feet elevation in Fremont, CA, on the north side of Mission Peak in the East Bay Regional Preserve. Something that makes this location unique compared to other vineyards in popular wine country areas is that the water used to irrigate the vineyard comes from artesian springs on the property – no city water.

Mission Peak Wines’ vineyard was planted between 2009-2011 and consisted of all red varietals including Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Syrah. If you are a Rosé fan, you are in luck; the owners decided to make Rosé out of their Pinot Noir grapes. 

If you prefer white wines over red wines, you’ll be happy to know the owners removed some Pinot Noir to make room for their first white varietal in the vineyard, Sauvignon Blanc. These young vines were be mature enough to start harvesting around 2022 and we started bottling in 2023. 

If you stayed on the property at the Mission Peak Ranch Airbnb in 2023, you might even see some baby Chardonnay vines being planted! Mission Peak Wine will start offering Chardonnay around 2025. 

One question that is asked a lot is how can you purchase wine from Mission Peak Wine? Join our wine club or check out our wine shop!

If you have an Instagram account, be sure to follow @MissionPeakWine as that is where you will find the latest and greatest news about the vineyard and property. The @MissionPeakWine account also includes beautiful posts of vineyard photography that will spruce up your evening Instagram scroll. 

If you have any questions about Mission Peak Wine, be sure to send us a message!
Looking to host a unique event in Fremont at Fremont’s only winery, you can inquiry here!

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