Peacocks in Fremont

Two peacocks found their way to the property in Fremont, California. We aren’t sure where they came from but they have been here for years now and we are hoping they will stay! You can hear their call which sounds like a dying duck from time to time.

Other animals frequently found on the property include turkeys, foxes, wild board, deer, rabbits, bats, coyotes, bobcats, rattlesnakes, and we’re often home to cows that help us keep the grass on the hills lows to help prevent fires. We have two rescue horses as well that are living out their glory days eating grass and roaming the pasture at their hearts content.

We adore our local animal visitors and make sure guests are both aware and kind to them as well. Our Airbnb guests often request to go feed our horses as an activity with their children. Because of the horses ages, they can get some treats but not too many.

If you come to Mission Peak Wine for a tasting, wine club member event, or private gathering — keep an eye out for these Peacocks in Fremont! They’ll just pop out of nowhere and are living their best beautiful lives.

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